I went to Margot with a stiff neck that had been troubling me for about 2 months.  She was calm and patient and checked my medical history thoroughly before starting treatment.  To my delight she cured what had been a 7 week long continuous migraine on my first visit!  The stiff neck took a couple more visits.  Margot's prices are very reasonable for what is a really outstanding service, would especially recommend to migraine sufferers.

Sharon Foster-King

Margot is not just an expert physiotherapist, but she is also intuitive, compassionate and genuinely interested in her patients.  Margot has devoted much time to ensuring that she understands fully my personal needs and has gone so much further than other practitioners would in making sure that my treatment is effective for me.  I really don't know what I would have done without her!

Jo Eddings



I'm usually perfectly well but a motorbike crash left me with 8 broken ribs, breastbone and shoulder blade - plus a ruptured liver. Margot helped me within 2 weeks of the accident and rehabilitated while I still had fragile fractures. There a very few physios who would be capable, let alone confident, in working on someone so soon after major trauma - and even fewer that I would trust. BTW I work as a GP in the area.


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